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Their New Beginning




As we had for our entire lives together we were getting ready for a very important step in her life.

Perry had been quite the gentleman as he actually asked me for her hand in marriage. I had observed his interaction with my daughter and granddaughter and knew that he would be a very supportive husband and caring father. He made Erika laugh. He spent time with Keturah helping her with homework and training her to keep her things in order. Perry had proven himself to be a hard worker unafraid of getting his hands dirty. He would rise at 4:30 each and every morning to kiss his girls good-bye before heading off to work. Even I got a, "See you later Yah", in that baritone voice of his that sounded like the voice of Erika's Dad. But more importantly he proved himself to be a quiet and sensitive man, as he gave both of my girls butterfly kisses each and every night.

It was clear to me that Erika was marrying a man who in his appearance and demeanor was in her own father and brotherís image; one who made her laugh like her brother often had; and one who could measure up to the work ethics of her grandfather, whose name she bore. Danielle.

Once when Perry and me were having a serious chat, he looked up at me and all I saw were my husband's eyes in his.  The strong resemblance  startled me so.

Perry Antonio Brashears

I never once felt that I was losing my daughter. I accepted Perry into my home because he had earned my respect. I knew that he adored my girls.  Our family would finally enjoy a life of normalcy. Finally my daughter would have the family she so desired. It was what she wanted.  So it was what I wanted for her.

How could I have said anything but yes?

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