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Our Journey



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There were so many of you who did so much that a simple thank you seems hardly enough. Many of you took this journey with us and did what you could to support us. There were many who supported us with contributions toward our trip to Philadelphia for her treatment. Please forgive me if I do not thank each one of you individually.

[The students at my school wanted to help by starting a Web Page in my daughter's honor. It was delayed however, due to another heartbreak. Less than five weeks after Erika lost her battle I had to greet my son at the same airport, at about the same hour, to share again with him the sad news that the life of his first born son was  ending. This bright-eyed little face came into our lives after the tragic house fire that resulted in the death of my husband, my children's father.  But with Carey's unconditional love and wet kisses that tasted like bananas and peaches , we were on the mend.

 Now, once again, in vigilance my son and me stood together as my first born grandson's life came to an abrupt end. It was very difficult indeed to have to be the bearer of that news. Finally I have found the courage to build  this site myself.]

There were many cards and well wishes sent. I am aware as well that contributions to the Cancer Society were made in her name. I honestly do not remember who attended my daughter’s memorial. That day is still a blur. I know that many of you supported us in my home during our time of sadness. There are some who still have refused to turn their backs on us even now as I face a different and difficult journey  with my new family.

Know that not a kind expression, a listening ear, a hug, a smile, a gift, or whatever you shared with me has gone unnoticed but will be in my memory and  heart for many years.

[Clicking on my name below, will allow you to send your thoughts. I will save them for Keturah and Antoniyah so that they will know the Mom who gave so much in behalf of those she loved.]